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Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate، Vit. E acetate، Zinc Oxide

Mechanism Of Action:

Antisolar cream absorbs sunrays responsible for sunburns and premature of the skin and prevents them from penetrating skin layers and provides 95% sunscreen in (UVA، UVB)،  its protective ability is (SPF=35) ، depends on skin nature، colour، the strength of rays and frequency of exposure.

Antisolar Cream absorbed sunrays due to Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate. Also Zinc Oxide produces barrier which reflects the sun’s rays and that make more protection.

Antisolar Cream leaves the skin soft، smooth and hydrated due to active substances such as Vit. E Acetate which Possesses a strong antioxidant and free radical thus preventing lipid-peroxidation، and skin redness.


Antisolar Cream reduces redness and swelling resulting from sunrays، alleviates melanin formulation، and lessens thickness of sunface layer.

Antisolar Cream is indicated in these cases:

Protect skin from harmful sun rays.

Protect patients who have developed signs of chronic solar damage in the skin.

Photosensitive dermatitis.

Patients who develop allergy to systematic drugs، such as:

  Chlorpromazine، nalidixic acid، thiazides، sulfonyl-ureas، sulfonamides، tetracyclines،  phenothiazines، psoralens and coal tars.


Antisolar Cream is used for both face and body skin. For maximum benefit، it should be applied frequently during the day.

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