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Each 100 g cream contains 0.2g Sodium hyaluronate and 1g Silver sulphadiazine.


Propylene glycol، Cetyl stearyl alcohol، Paraffin، Preservatives، Purified water.

Mechanism of Action:

Hyaluronic acid forms more than 50% of the skin components، it also exists in joints (as lubricant liquid) and bone cartilage. Topical applying of the hyaluronic acid increase the recovery، silver sulphadiazine has an antibacterial activity (against gram positive and gram negative bacteria)، antifungal activity on some types of fungi and antimicrobial activity on some microbes. 

Hyalo-Plus is characterized by synergistic activity of sodium hyaluronate and silver sulphadiazine in increasing of lesion cure.


it is used as prophylactic and in the treatment of topical ulcers، varicose ulcers and burns.  


Hypersensitivity to active substances or to any of excipients.

Side Effects: 

It may be exacerbate liver or renal insufficiency، reduce white blood corpuscles.  


Apply a thick layer of cream on the affected area once or twice daily.

Treatment should be continued till complete cure.

Pharmacokinetic properties:

The absorption of Hyalo-Plus into plasma is insignificant.

Interaction with other medicinal products:

caution should be done when applying the cream on wide area of body.  


it should be used with caution in patients with hypersensitivity to sulphadiazine، liver or renal insufficiency.  

Use in pregnancy and lactation:

it should not be used during pregnancy or lactation except if the doctor decides that. 

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